Thistlethwaite Townhouses

Located in the Fishermans Bend Urban Renewal Area, the proposed Thistlethwaite Street Townhouses are a collection of 12 homes developed by Beams Projects in collaboration with MAArchitects. The townhouses embody a shared design philosophy about timeless, inner-city residential architecture.

The simple, robust forms of the Thistlethwaite Street townhouses reference the industrial history of South Melbourne’s neighbourhood. However, the finer grain details of the design relate to the terrace row houses in the western neighbourhood of Gorton and Bay Streets.

The twelve townhouses have been divided into a northern and a southern terrace now, running east-west. The southern row fronts Thistlethwaite Street and the northern row is oriented to the laneway running along the northern site boundary. The northern and southern terrace rows are separated by a break in the built-form, reducing each mass to a scale similar to the residential grain of the greater neighbourhood. This void created by the new laneway between the terrace rows presented an opportunity to harness the space as a vertical oasis of hanging gardens, enriching both the townhouses’ landscape and the streetscape beyond. Whilst both rows are composed of similar design elements, the townhouses have been sited to address the individual street frontages. As a result, both rows have slightly different characters, but collectively contribute to a contextual and contemporary architectural aesthetic.